Christopher Lewis is a 3D Artist who began his journey of artistry at the age of five.  With both parents being in the creative field of illustration and design led him to be influenced to pursue a career path in Graphic Design.  This led him to continually evolve as an artist as he experienced different mediums of creativity such as:  illustration, film, and motion graphics.  At age 20 he was introduced to 3D graphics, where he found to be a great medium for self expression and the perfect way to integrate art and technology in today’s market.

   With a B.A. degree in Animation/New Media, Christopher specializes in digital 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering with proficient knowledge in Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Pixologic Z-brush, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Currently, Christopher is a Freelance 3-D Artist in California’s Central Valley and had the opportunity to be apart of projects involving Fortune 500 companies such as: Nike, Sports Authority, Champs, O’Neill, Toyota, and Hewlett Packard.  Christopher continues to strive for excellence and his ongoing pursuit of challenging his skills to be a better artist.

“I continue to strive for excellence in my quest for knowledge, utilizing my skills to always strengthen and heighten my creative thought.”

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